All Vintaged Out?

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I recently heard a bride gush at how she was totally over the “vintage wedding thing” All she saw on wedding blogs was vintage this, vintage that and no… she didnt want her table plan stuffed in a rustic vintage suit case or her placenames hanging off a peg line. I think what stood out the most in what she was trying to say was this – She didn’t see herself in any of these weddings!

I think its fair to say that yes, when a vintage typewriter is there because it some how is connecting to the fact the couple, bride or groom is a writer and what a meaningful way to leave your lovely wishes as opposed to a simple guestbook and pen, it makes for a well designed and meaningful impact, details wise. However, the trend it seems is to vintage everything and anything to the point all it is often is just a trend. Nothing that embodies the union of two completley different individuals coming together to celebrate their unique qualities and sensibilities.

I’m all for style and think every couple should find a way to bring in their story, their fairy tale in ways that will make their wedding truly unforgettable. It can be as simple as the right location making it a destination wedding far off somewhere or meeting before the actual wedding vows are taken for the first look and even to exchange gifts. Less about trends more about love stories I say.

What do you think about vintage weddings being a popular theme? Are you planning on incorporating any details or themes into your 2012 weddings?

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