The New Generation of Groomzillas?

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A familiar scene: a newly engaged, excitable woman complaining to anyone who will listen about her husband-to-be, who hasn’t yet caught wedding fever and doesn’t care if he’s married in Las Vegas or at St.Paul’s Cathedral, let alone worry what colour the flowers should be or how to tell Uncle Donald that you don’t want his bagpipes anywhere near your wedding! In fact, the only time the love of your life’s ears perk up or eyes widen is at the suggestion of a food tasting! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but the point is there is a silent agreement that the wedding is traditionally viewed as the woman’s day. It’s the moment she has dreamt about since watching her first Disney movie. Whereas, generally, for a man, remind him the week before and as long as it doesn’t clash with the football, he should be able to make it. Too far!? I apologise, of course he is excited about your wedding day and can’t wait to share the rest of his life with you. Colour schemes, flowers and music might not be important to his day but knowing they could make or break yours, he knows it is best to let you create the day of your dreams. Hence, his relaxed and carefree attitude to all the “minor” details.

However, things are beginning to change. Our new modern man who wears moisturiser, sometimes even challenges you to the bathroom mirror before a night out wants to be involved. In fact, he wants to be involved so much, that it might be fair to say it is becoming HIS day. It begins with his input for choosing a venue. Initially excited that your man wants to help plan your special day together, making him even more perfect, emotions can quickly change from sweet to sour, from happy to hostile to hysterical horror that nothing is matching up to your idealised day! After compromising on the date and venue – well it probably won’t be sunny in July anyway – when did your future husband suddenly become so interested in table decorations? Regardless of price, if he can’t see the point in scattering rose petals on the tables or having the chairs dressed in silk cloth with pretty bows, then I regret to inform you but this is one argument you will not win and your chairs and tables will end up naked! Your groomzilla, is now in charge and completely raining on your parade, or better still, your wedding day!

Getting the groom involved in wedding planning

So the question is; how much is a healthy involvement in the planning process and when does it become too much? As long as he doesn’t become too controlling, most women would embrace the help of their partner in the decision making process. But, it is HER day, designed and executed to her every last desired detail so the place names WILL be engraved on the wine glasses and NOT written on a piece of card. If the reign of groomzilla is allowed to continue, where will it end? Will it now become the custom for the bride to make a speech thanking everyone for coming and appreciating how handsome her husband looks? Raising awareness for this condition is essential. Ground rules need to be formulated and groomzilla locked down inside the pub and drinking beer before he demands to walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress!

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