Lets Talk…Money II

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Last month we spoke about balancing your budget into spending on the core areas of venue hire and food. Today, we’ll talk a little more about these areas and how to organise your budget.

One thing that applies to all couples (…without of course an infinite budget to spend on their wedding!) is what I like to call my budget-angle calculator. “Something’s gotta give” and quite literally, once your budget is set, the only two areas you can really play with to make things work is your guest numbers and wedding quality.

Wedding Quality has everything to do with the feel of the wedding, from lavish visuals like flowers to experience areas like entertainment and activities. It can also be as simple as whether you opt for a formal often elegant sit-down meal or a more relaxed laid-back buffet menu style.  Increasing the quality of every line item in your wedding budget means more money to be spent. I think regardless of where you end up there should be certain areas that you do splurge on and these are the areas of highest priority to you. Get the best wedding photographer you can possibly stretch to is the motto I advise, believe me – it will be worth it a month and years from the wedding.

Guest Numbers has more to do with the politics of a wedding and less about your fanciful ideas and wants. If the budget must hold and you’re bent on a certain level of quality for your wedding then guest numbers is what will have to give (i.e. reduce) to keep everything else the same. I’ve noticed when a couple are not able to increase their budget and still have a very high guest count relative to the budget the quality is stretched. However if the people being there are what’s important to you and the details, dress and entertainment don’t matter so much then that perfectly works fine too!

Overall remember that this is your day and whatever you decide needs to be compromised on, you should both still be happy with it. Whoever you invite is also important, after all whats the point of having a celebration with others or have them witness your vows if they were not all that important in your lives. The reality is, the reception is often what digs the deepest into a wedding budgets because you’re feeding per head. Consider each person on your guest list and put it like this “would you take 200 people out to dinner and foot the bill?”  Maybe not? Then perhaps an evening invite should go out to them instead?  Food for thought indeed! We’ll go further into the other half of your budget on our next series catchup.

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