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Last month in our wedding budget series we discussed balancing wedding quality with your budget. By now you have your venue and catering sorted which take 40-50% of your budget and the next area to consider is the visual aspects of the day.  There are other suppliers which we will discuss on our next series catchup but today we’ll focus on how to budget for your flowers and decor.

Preston Bailey White and Gold Wedding for Ivanka Trump

Bride Type – Fairytale Dreamer

If you are the type of bride that’s into alot of detail or flowers are a major for you, then you need to be ready to budget realistically based on the size of your event. Now this is not about how colourful or muted your wedding theme and colour palette will be but more about how generous your arrangements come. In general I would say budget 10-20% of your budget on decor depending on how lush you want things to turn out. Lush arrangements can start anywhere from £150-500 plus* per table and it all depends on your location and the floral designers level of workmanship.  Ways to be savvy around this is to look at dressing up other areas of the room and not just focus on flowers. For example the linen you use can make a dramatic difference to your wedding look. Custom linen can sometimes be arranged with your catering company. So say for instance you already get plain white linen in your package per head for food, an upgrade to textured or coloured linen may not cost as much overall in comparison to large floral displays for a wedding. Lets do the maths…

120 people wedding would need 12 tables to sit 10

Scenario 1- Lush Arrangements 

If arrangements cost £150 per table that is £1800 on guest table flowers alone

Scenario 2 – Semi Lush Arrangements with Custom Linen

If we instead cut the floral budget by 50% and upgraded to custom linen then

12 table for £75 per arrangement would be £900

12 tables of custom linen at about £10 per table would be £120

This totals £1120! A saving of over £700.

Party at Grand Del Mar by Mindy Weiss with Long Tables and Chic Decor suitable for weddings

Bride Type – Chic and Simplistic

Sometimes chic and simplistic doesn’t necessarily mean low budget. In this area I think get the venue right and it will provide the wow factor you need. I would even suggest hiring the right floral designer or event stylist can take things to the next level because they can create unique and modern concepts that are not your usual wedding centerpiece ideas. Find a florist that has a good collection of vase types and focus your decor setting on this and not just the flowers. I am totally in love with the concept of long tables. I think they are uber chic and oh-so-intimate! The best way to completely transform a room without going over on flowers so much is lighting. From simple tealight votives lining the entrance to “va-va-voom” colour washing the entire space and walls. Consider keeping centerpiece’s simple and possibly non floral based to get the most budget wise. Candelabras in non standard colours such as black or gold to hire can range from £25-£50 for glass based ones. Once lit, it will completely transform your wedding venue. Try Stressfreehire for some hip and modern wedding props.

Pink and Blue with Gold Details Whimsical Laid-back Unique wedding Inspiration

Bride Type – Laid-back and Casual

The laid back casual bride can be anything from a beach bride to a vintage tea party story. Sometimes this can afford the most flexibility because you don’t necessarily need the flowers to convey your dream vision. I would suggest focussing on details that most interest you such as stationery, tealight votives you sourced individually to create an eclectic mix on a welcome table, or creating a focal point in the room such as a large display of paper flowers for your ceremony backdrop to a chandelier hanging from your guestbook table filled with pictures of family weddings and unique memorabilia. Whilst laid back doesn’t always mean DIY, it certainly gives you more in the budget to also focus on the experience and entertainment aspects of the wedding.

Vintage Wedding With Chandelier Hanging From Tree in Italy

 Summary Decor Budget Guide

Here is a summary guide to help you in breaking down your floral and decor budget.

1. Props & Furniture: 2-5% e.g. chiavari chairs/chair covers

2. Custom linen: 2-5%

3. Lighting: 2-7%

4. Stationery: 1-5%

5. Flowers: 3-10%

How are your wedding decor plans coming along? What themes are you looking at putting together?

*Wedding flower prices vary by supplier and region

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