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So its getting to that time of year again when I start to hear from alot of couple’s planning 2012/13 weddings with beautiful and unique wedding ideas they want to bring to life. Understandably, as a bride you’re pretty much facing this for the first time and so have no real benchmark to weigh up against what things should really cost. Bridal magazines often give a total wedding budget breakdown but its a pretty tight stretch to spend £600 on flowers for a wedding of 250 guests as opposed to say 20 guests especially when the vision and couple’s priorities are completely different.

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing a budget series to help demystify this topic a little bit more and hopefully save you time collecting quotes from various suppliers along the way. There is so much information and suppliers out there that every budget cannot be over generalised, so the general aim will be to give you a high level breakdown on what to expect given your wedding vision and guest numbers etc

Lets kick off  with a top down figure. The average UK wedding budget is about £20,000. Typically as a very rough rule of thumb, you would expect to spend 40-50% of funds on your venue and food. So that would mean your venue hire and catering needs to fit nicely within the £10,000 bracket


Venue hire = £4,000

Catering     = £6000 (£60ph for 100 guests)

Total           = £10,000

With the other half left to spend on your flowers, attire, transport, stationery etc. If this has thrown your budget expectations way out, do not despair! We will go into more detail on how you can balance out your guest list objectives against your budget expectation in our next catchup.

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