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Enzoani introduced the first blend of traditional and modern European influenced couture collection in 2005. The brand has since expanded to include Blue by Enzoani, love (Special Occasion, Evening, Shoes) and new for this year, love16, a collection for the adolescent fashionista. Enzoani partnered with Modeca in 2011 to introduce their established bridal line to North America as well.

The company has been founded on the notion that brides are seeking chic silhouettes that don’t falter on fit or finish, which Enzoani has continued to meet this demand year after year.

Growing consumer and media support are the result of Enzoani’s focus on innovative style, exceptional quality, and personalized service. The company and brand continue to strengthen and grow with every season. Authorized retail locations can be found on almost all seven continents and are continuously being added.


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